Mental Health Week: 10th October, 2011 to 14th October, 2011

Universal Education Group

Dept. of HRD and Research

Mental Health Week: 10th October, 2011 to 14th October, 2011


Dear Parents,

Anger is a very natural and common emotion. Everyone gets angry without any regard to Age, race, sex or economic status, but when it becomes an integral part of our lives and starts interfering with our daily life or lingers for a long time very frequently, it may signal a problem that requires help. As part of our "Mental health week which is from 10th of Oct'11 to 14th of Oct'11.We decided to address this problem which is increasingly becoming a cause of concern for modern day urban living.

Kindly go through the handout…I am sure it would be of great help to you!

Warm regards,


Dept. of HRD and Research

Myths About Anger


Myth 1: Aggression is the instinctive way of expressing anger.

REALITY: Aggression is a learned behavior, acted out by individuals who have poor impulse control and have gotten away with it in the past.


Myth 2: Expressing anger releases and gets rid of it.

REALITY: This is not necessarily so. Studies indicate that habitual focus on and expression of anger can actually increase hostility.


Myth 3: Tantrums in childhood are healthy expressions of anger.

REALITY: Tantrums become a way of controlling parents, and they reinforce the habit of demanding immediate gratification.


Myth 4: You should always express what you feel, including rage and hostility.

REALITY: It is often beneficial to say what you feel, but not always. It is important to express your feelings in a considerate and respectful manner, not in thoughtless or destructive ways.


Why learn to manage your anger?

1. Chronic anger is a strain on your cardiovascular system.

2. Considering response options other than rage will reduce the number of

occasions on which you antagonize others, and may increase the likelihood of you getting what you really want.

3. Being more positive and less angry about life and other people will make you a happier person.



1. Keep a "rage log"

How often during the day you engage in aggressive actions, such as slamming doors, honking your horn, yelling at other motorists, or barking at retail clerks? How often do you provoke people to yell, scream, or honk their horns at you?


How often do you have negative thoughts about other people? "What a jerk she is!""I'd like to punch him!"Why don't these morons move faster?"


How often do you blow your cool? Do you shout angrily, fantasize about physically assaulting someone, or even explicitly threaten violence? How often do you find yourself frowning, impatient, irritable, in a hurry, gritting your teeth?


Take a honest look at your hostility level. Even if you think it is everybody else's fault, make note of the frequency and intensity of your rage.


2. Talk to yourself.

Make an agreement with yourself to try to delay getting angry. Don't you have better ways to spend your time than flying into a rage? Many situations are too unimportant for you to explode about. Your time and your health are much too valuable.


Do not jump to conclusions about the motives of the person who is annoying you. The person who is not moving through the traffic light on schedule is not deliberately trying to keep you from getting to work on time and is probably not a stupid, idiot either. He or she is probably just tired and momentarily distracted. Besides, you are probably not going to be late anyway.


3. Cool It!

When you become aware of hostile thoughts or attitudes, yell at yourself "Stop!" or "Cool it!" It sounds silly, but yelling "Stop!"at yourself interrupts your anger program, decreasing the likelihood of you steaming yourself up by thinking of past injustices.


4. Distract yourself.

When your assessment of the situation leads you to the conclusion that your irritation is unmerited or not worth the trouble, simply getting your mind off the anger can be effective. For example, suppose you are waiting in line at the bank. You can become increasingly irritated, or you could read a magazine, book, or newspaper while you wait. You could also simply watching and observing other people.

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